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Volunteers in action!

Volunteering with JAKES Club's Therapeutic Riding Club (TRC), program is one of the most crucial roles in our ministry serving children. For one rider, alone, you may have up to 5 volunteers: Horse Leader, Side-walkers, game attendants and Supervisor.


Because it is important for our TRC riders to have continuity in their program, we ask that volunteers commit to at least two hours, once a week per TRC season.

Here at JAKES Club building the volunteers confidence is important and we are dedicated to train and help adults, youth (minimum age 14 years) and families do just that.


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Volunteer Sessions:

Volunteer Guidelines:

VSC - Volunteer Saddle Club

JAKES Club's beginning horsemanship instruction (groom, saddle, bridle, lead) to help volunteers 14 years and older learn basic horsemanship skills. Enabling you to volunteer with children who have special needs and encouraging JAKES Club's youth to be peer models with confidence! The program does not include riding lessons. 

  • Program free-of-charge ONLY if volunteering with Therapeutic Riding Club (TRC) program

  • Volunteer criteria applies

  • Wednesday - Friday

  • One day a week for minimum of two hours, after school or early evening

  • Seasonal hours
  • 14 years of age & older
  • EACH Youth 14 - 16 years of age requires one parents participation

    Volunteer Opportunities:

    OPTIONAL HELPFUL MATERIAL: (Volunteers Expense)

    Certified Horsemanship Association - Shop 
    Educational Manuals - Level 1 Curriculum



    • May - October
    • Tuesday & Friday Adults only
    • Wednesday & Thursday Youth/Parent
    • Outdoor Seasonal Hours
    • Stable Maintenance
    • Horse Care
    • TRC - Horse Leader
    • TRC - Side-Walker
    • TRC - Game Attendant
    • Office (Tuesday Office Hours)
    • Special Events
    • "Morning-Early Afternoon Preppies" 
      Come help clean and prepare barn for TRC afternoon class.
    • "Volunteer Instructor"
      Experienced with horses and tack? Instruct youth (14 years and older) and their parent prepare horses with grooming and saddling. Instructor training, each May, prior to volunteering.


    • Choice of Two Sessions:
      June, September or October
    • Tuesday-Friday 3-5PM or 5-7PM

      Volunteer Orientation:
    • Bring completed Forms
    • Tour facility
    • Volunteer Policy Handbook
      (copies available)
    • "Before the Horse ... the Helmet" safety video
    • Allow approximately 2 hours


    • Age 14 years and older
    • Volunteer minimum 2 hours
    • Safety first is our motto and strictly enforced
    • Before the horse, the helmet safety policy
    • Comfortable around horses
    • Able to walk approximately 2 hours
    • Volunteer Application due annually
    • Stable Release due annually
    • Missouri Criminal Record Check:
      Payable to State of Missouri
      for 18 years of age and older
    • Volunteer Orientation required




    Volunteers make the Difference and Veterans are Welcome!

    Program Operations
    March-June "Barn & Bible" Enrollment 

    May - October
    Tuesday - Friday
    Saturday Horseshow's & Fundraising Events


    Office: Noon - 3PM
    Program: 3PM - Sundown



              "Reaching children for Jesus one child with one horse at a time ..."







    2021 VSC Application

    Email Info@JAKESClub.org


    Parents love helping with games!

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