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Volunteers in action!

Volunteer Sessions:

Volunteer Requirements:

VSC - Volunteer Saddle Club

JAKES Club's beginning horsemanship instruction (groom, saddle, bridle, lead) to help volunteers 14 years and older learn basic horsemanship skills.

  • Volunteer requirements apply

  • Wednesday - Thursday

  • One afternoon a week for minimum of two hours, after school/work or early evening

  • Seasonal hours
  • 14 years of age & older
  • EACH Youth 14 - 16 years of age requires one parents participation

    Volunteer Opportunities:

    OPTIONAL HELPFUL MATERIAL: (Volunteers Expense)

    Certified Horsemanship Association - Shop 
    Educational Manuals - Level 1 Curriculum



    • Stable and Grounds Maintenance
    • Horse Care
    • Equine Training


    • May - June
      September - October
    • Tuesday-Friday 3-7pm

      Volunteer Orientation:
    • Bring completed Forms
    • Tour facility
    • Volunteer Policy Handbook
      (copies available)
    • "Before the Horse ... the Helmet" safety video
    • Allow approximately 2 hours


    • Age 14 years and older
    • Volunteer minimum 2 hours
    • Safety first is our motto and strictly enforced
    • Before the horse, the helmet safety policy
    • Comfortable around horses
    • Able to walk approximately 2 hours
    • Volunteer Application due annually
    • Stable Release due annually
    • Missouri Criminal Record Check:
      Payable to State of Missouri
      for 18 years of age and older
    • Volunteer Orientation required




    Volunteers make the Difference and Veterans are Welcome!

    Seasonal Program Operations
    May, June, September and October

    Tuesday - Friday


    Office: Appointment Only
    Program: Per Season

    Schedule an Afternoon to visit. Thanks.



    Barn Closed during Off Seasons
    due to weather conditions.

              "Reaching children for Jesus one child with one horse at a time ..."







    2021 VSC Application

    Email Info@JAKESClub.org


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