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Before sharing our Lords Faithfulness in June and July for Jesus And Kids Evangelistic Saddle Club (JAKES Club) does anyone notice a difference in our newsletter format in our PDF copy?  The letter head is from the June 2013 newsletter! Yep, the office volunteers are back using our trusty laptop while the PC is in the shop. So, fall enrollment for new Therapeutic Saddle Club (TSC) families will need to wait until August.


The Lord has truly been more than faithful in blessing our 2017 opening TSC programs with: beautiful weather, new TSC families (welcome), along with great new and old volunteers helping our children and horses ride the four patterns. It is very humbling to watch the program grow from one riding area to four. All the families were so blessed but especially our dear Kaleb! I must brag on him a moment by sharing at the spring Board meeting he asked to ride the Cavellettis in the large 80X150 arena. This is important in two ways: first it has been awhile since they have been in the program riding pattern and second (most importantly) he remembered and asked! I wish I had taken a picture of him helping his TSC horse Luke for the first time; but you may see many pictures of many families on Flickr or Facebook. Simply go to our website to click on the links and you will see the fun everyone had on their smiling faces! Everyone is looking forward to the TSC September and October riding season. God is Good!


Another fun and wonderful gift our Lord brought to us in June came from Ruth Ann with “Focus on Oak Grove” newspaper. Last fall we had visited about the ministry and she wanted to help in some way. Since the 2016 season was coming to a close I mentioned in the spring new volunteers are always appreciated and would visit again. Well bless her heart she remembered JAKES Club and wrote the nicest article in their June 1, 2017 edition mentioning just that. Thank you again Ruth Ann and “Focus on Oak Grove” for this donation, and to Sarah our wonderful new college volunteer and her mom who read the article! Sarah is pictured above (wearing red shirt) with our VSC (Volunteer Saddle Club) Thursday team. In addition our dear new Sarah comes on Fridays as well to share her horse experience with JAKES Club horses. WOW! Again, God is Good all the time and all the time God is Good!


July has begun strong and blessed as well (more pictures on Facebook) for our VSC Summer program. Lots of expectation for all of JAKES Club volunteer youth riding the patterns and the horses are looking forward to those summer baths. Yea! Also in July “Walkers & Talkers Saddle Club” gave a Memorial Donation for long time member Connie Keck. She loved life, horses and the Lord! JAKES Club thanks you for the honorable gift and will remember your family in our prayers.


Thanks again everyone and have a great summer!



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