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Welcome, Jesus And Kids Evangelistic Saddle Club, dba JAKES club, to 2023! Wow, does that sound really … odd to anyone else’s ears? Maybe it is because JAKES Club was founded in 2000 and it makes me feel old. Ha!


Anyway, WELCOME to our ministry serving families with horses. The Board, Founders and Advisory members are excited to share our goals and prayer needs for 2023. Beginning with JAKES Club’s leading Bible scripture located in
Psalm 16:8 (KJV) “I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.” Isn’t that just great! Knowing and having His Word before each of us in 2023. God is Good!


Since this is our first newsletter for the year if for any reason you would rather not receive it please feel free to contact to bow out. Everyone always has the option to read online at 


Now, for the exciting and prayerful news for the months ahead.  As always JAKES Club’s Spring begins working with the horses bringing them off their winter (off season) break. Also once a month in, March and April, we have scheduled “Saturday Volunteer Work Days.”  Years past an awesome group have painted the barn, laid new stall mats throughout barn and much more. This year we are excited to share the volunteers will use our extra Priefert panels and gate to create a new contained riding area. Wow! This grass arena will serve our “Younger” or smaller riders (6 years of age approximately and under) who have already begun enrollment!! By doing so we can safely care for the participating families by separating the Therapeutic Riding Club (TRC) riding area and guest seating at the picnic table provided.


In addition to our new “Younger Riders” program goals JAKES Club’s “Older” TRC participants (7 years of age approximately  and older) will be having their own goals exclusively in the 80X160 arena. This year the Board voted to double grass seed the big arena. We are hoping and praying this will help with muddy riding cancelation's due to average rain fall amounts. However the Equine Department will still have available a tilled 60 foot dirt round pen for horse training purposes.


Horses to pray for that will serve are Luke, Micah and Numbers. Luke our, grandpa, quarter horse will take the lighter weight “Younger” riders in the smaller grass arena for a fun lap of games and activities. Encouraging pre-qualified siblings to help the instructor with JAKES Club horseback riding basket ball game and Bible time scripture “You’ve Got Mail-Box”.


Micah our, teenage quarter horse, will serve the “Olders” in the larger grass 80X160 riding arena exclusively. These riders have more endurance for larger spaces. New for this Spring the older TRC rider and parent will be required to help prepare the riding pattern. They will be given cones and numbers 1-3 to add to their beginning and ending cone locations. The Supervisors goal this year is to help the older riders grow confidence and ride more independently. However to accomplish that the rider must learn there is a beginning and an end with riding points in between. We will also be introducing “Barn and Bible” study time for the “Olders” which for years has been during our off season once a month. This Spring the families will be learning weekly western saddle parts with Bible scripture focus on the word “West” and printed on post cards. Yay!


Lastly prayers please for Numbers JAKES Club’s “Barn Ambassador”. Volunteers (pending enrollment) will teach grooming tools, horse confirmation (body parts) and Numbers Bible scripture. JAKES Club horses our named after Bible verses.


Thanks again everyone for prayers and blessings to each of you in 2023!



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Horse prayers please for 2023.