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Wow what a great fall season! It went by fast and Jesus And Kids Evangelistic Saddle Club has a great deal to be thankful for. Especially the year end’s fun evening with Summit Assembly hay ride and chili cook off. Donations received totaled $550.00! Wow, thanks to each of you and blessings!

Fall Thursdays JAKES Club welcomed Neil (helping Joe), Jenny (helping everyone:), Natalie and Lindy. These gals were busy with horses! Nat (age 18) worked individually with our younger quarter horse Micah and with Jacob. Nat learning to handle and tack Micah up was great, but watching her lead Micah through patterns was huge. Both horse and handler worked hard and achieved great success. Congrats and well done Nat we look forward to more! Lindy (age 14) literally took care of the rest serving our quarter horse Luke and Numbers our Missouri Fox Trotter. Lindy has been with us many years and has accomplished much. The gentle direction she projects to each individual horses needs is awesome to watch. Congrats Lindy you gotter’ done and well done you did! These two very important Thursday teams brought their horses into focus for Fridays. Each one’s accomplishments helped JAKES Club’s Fall Equine Department goals. Well done, thanks for your faithfulness and for an awesome year!

Now if Thursdays were busy, Fridays was VERY BUSY! JAKES Club had two Volunteer Instructor’s, thanks Karen and Sarai, who each worked training their volunteer. Sarai worked with Elise, returning from last spring, reviewing her bare back saddle and introducing the western saddle. Karen worked with our new volunteer Nikki (welcome) with her New Volunteer Orientation and training. Nikki blessed JAKES Club with a helmet donation! Thank you!

JAKES Club’s Therapeutic Riding Club (TRC) was led by Jacob Instructing two families. Serving Jace and his mom with their horse Luke, along with Kaleb and dad with their horse Micah. These two fellas were fantastic whether on the ground or in the saddle.  Both Jace and Kaleb’s teams created many memories to share and it’s difficult to choose but these two stands out:


First one Friday evening our horse Micah had a challenging rider. But are faithful loving quarter horse never complains. You see a horse will absorb the gentle confident notes of the rider or the rider’s anxiousness and Micah had done the later. Enters my hero, Kaleb, with his helmet on and ready to ride Kaleb says, “Hi Jake!” Let’s pause to share as some of our readers may not know Jacob and Kaleb our JAKES Clubs founders in our therapeutic riding program of 22 years. They are now each 30 years of age and Jacob has helped Kaleb ride every eligible TRC horse during the span of JAKES Club’s ministry. Continuing … Kaleb says, “Hi Jake!” and it’s evident he’s ready to ride. Jacob walks Micah up to Kaleb, his dad Mike (side walker) to the mounting block and Kaleb mounts. Noticing how Kaleb instinctively pats his horse’s neck. Hmm…Kaleb moves confidently in his western saddle, stirrups and waits to hear Jacob and his team say “1, 2, 3 walk on!” I’m preparing to follow, video but I pause. As Micah is being led by Jacob his handler, Kaleb my hero, Mike one of JAKES Club’s longest standing side walkers, I physically see the horse soften and not walk but mosey!  Micah was not just ministering to Kaleb’s team but Kaleb’s team was ministering to Micah! Wow, God is Good!


Second, Jace was finished riding Luke bareback (no saddle), his team brought him to a whoa and it was time to dismount. His instructor Jacob asked for the mounting block to help him but all at once Jace sat up tall and said loud enough for the whole team to hear, “I don’t want that," and waved it off. With not one word of instruction from Jacob, but under his care, Jacob watched Jace confidently swing his leg over big ol’ Luke’s back and make his best dismount ever! Cheers and applause rang out loud for Jace’s great individual choice and accomplishment from this wonderful young man! It will be remembered by all who witnessed, but I was blessed beyond words when on the ground, by his horse’s side, Jace and I made smiling eye contact. After his Bible scripture in the mail box, Jace and his mom, proudly walked Luke back (video on Flickr) to the barn to be with Numbers. Congratulations my dear one and well done Jace’s team!

Back in the barn Numbers our, “Barn Ambassador”, was also busy helping Karen teach Nikki grooming, conformation (body parts) and our bare back saddle.  Karen utilized both the barn grooming station and JAKES Club’s class room. Well done ladies you were both a joy and thank you for joining Friday families instead of Wednesdays.

While Numbers was busy with all of his families Micah was busy with Sarai’s team. Elise helped Sarai groom and prepare Micah for TRC riders in a western saddle. This young team is also very enjoyable and an important team to watch around horses. These two gals will getter done from Micah to Luke but always taking time for dear Numbers with a hug or two. Word’s aren’t enough, gals, for hearts and horses you have blessed! Congrats on a great year, very proud of you both!

On the last Friday evening of the fall program JAKES Club’s group of volunteers (pictures on Flickr) were blessed to welcome two guests Connie and grandson Sam for horsemanship class in the barn. Volunteers shared their knowledge to help individuals learn to groom and tack Numbers using the Natural Rider or bare back saddle. No TRC riding that night due to weather conditions but fun was had by all!

All the teams this fall were remarkable and it fill’s JAKES Club with expectations for 2023. Thanks again everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!






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