Hey JAKES Club,


Fall is coming and Jesus And Kids Evangelistic Saddle Club (JAKES Club) is excited!

But before we share JAKES Club’s September and October plans we must give thanks and acknowledge all of the facility improvements; labor, time and commitment of the BEST team of volunteers. :)


In August the barn floor which includes: feed room, alley way, grooming stall, stall 1 and 2 were totally redone. Tractor tilling, hauling fill dirt, leveling footing, tamping, liming and laying wall to wall stall mats. Then the job began of rebuilding Priefert stall panels!


Work continued into September with the team tackling stall 3 and 4. Luke’s stall four, in the back left hand barn corner, has taken the brunt of rain runoff for years. Last year a door was cut into the north side of barn so the big guy could move freely between his corral and stall. This was what he had at his previous home and he was one big happy fella! :) Stall mats were installed after tamping down but the rain won this year. A very BIG thank you and blessing to September’s Volunteer Work Day team for tearing stall mats out and hauling in 4-5 bobcat bucket loads of fill dirt to raise the flooring.  After tamping, liming and bringing in wall to wall stall mats it looks amazing!! Well done good and faithful servants!


Saturday night September 21st Luke was extremely happy and the Equine Department very thankful for his safe environment. Stall three is JAKES Club’s lean-to stall and work has begun with hauling in fill dirt, but Mr. Joe (who has spearheaded the entire project) says it will have to be put on hold to focus on this Fall kiddo’s and families. :) Yay!


Spring/early summer families have enrolled for VSC (Volunteer Saddle Club) and TSC (Therapeutic Saddle Club) with new TSC families beginning soon. Each day JAKES Club has seen growth! During third quarter Board of Directors meeting the Roster Enrollment has 20+ new. WOW! Cathie shared the new riding plan this fall is to have youth riders (VSC & TSC) choose between the barrel or reining pattern. Rider practice each session and then (if the rider chooses) they will perform during “Year-End Awards Picnic”. Kaleb (founding TSC rider) was told about the Fall riding plan. Then watched Jacob ride the two patterns so he could choose, well, his response will live in JAKES Club’s history! “Hmm, Aunt Cathie, which one is longer?!” :) What an exciting fun fall JAKES Club has to look forward too.


In closing we have placed pictures on FaceBook and Flickr to share how much the improvements have changed the facility. But honestly pictures do not give it justice. So you all will just have to come out and see for yourselves Saturday, October 5th during JAKES Club’s fall fundraiser “Horsey Hay Day” and Saturday, October 26th during the kids “Award Ride 2019 Celebration.”


Thanks everyone and please pray for JAKES Club.




Cathie and JAKES Club Team































JAKES Club E-Newsletter August - September 2019




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Kaleb (L) learning Fall riding pattern. Yay!

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