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Surprise a newsletter! Wow what an unusual year for Jesus And Kids Evangelistic Saddle Club (JAKES Club) with extreme winter conditions and A LOT of rain. March-April was a wash out with minimum volunteer days. Then when TSC-Therapeutic Saddle Club was to open in May the rain continued, even into June. Poor Tuesday Club (in May) was totally washed out. The barn and stalls did survive with our Lords favor and protection but July and August will be devoted to re-leveling stall floors and re-building berms for drainage. However, with all that said, JAKES Club’s TSC spring/early summer program has been truly amazing, blessed and filled with new fun! Let me share. :)


The Lord has packed many new and firsts into a short period of time in June within our Volunteer Saddle Club (VSC) department. Every program day volunteer youth and adults have stepped up to groom, pick their horse’s feet and saddle. New horse leaders have evolved from young to old. Yay team and welcome all our new volunteers. Bless you!


Even our dear Therapeutic Saddle Club (TSC) volunteer parents have gotten involved and are learning new things. On Tuesday a TSC dad is learning to horse lead his son who participates as a TSC Team Rider for his TSC little sister. On Wednesday a TSC dad is helping teach his son to rein his horse and on Friday JAKES Club’s founders are taking TSC to a NEW level.  As many of you know Kaleb* and Jacob helped found both TSC* and VSC programs some 18 years ago. This June has been filled with excitement and pride as Kaleb is riding independently in a western saddle. Aunt Cathie shared his left side walker is his left stirrup and his right side walker is his right stirrup. This year (after numerous tries in years past) Kaleb has mastered his balance! This is huge and we are all so very proud of Kaleb and his dad Mike horse leading for him. With Mike horse leading this enables Jacob (who has always been Kaleb’s horse leader) to ride simultaneously on his horse Micah. Please look on FaceBook for a brief video of this special accomplishment. Well, if this wasn’t new and special enough, upon ending Kaleb’s TSC ride on Luke he dismounts and rides Micah with his dad side walking and Jacob horse leading. WOW! God is good! This is Micah’s first TSC rider and we are very thankful for Jacob and his dad Joe helping raise and train Micah from an eleven month old colt. Thank you Jacob for all you’re training … well done good and faithful servant.


Last but not least on Thursday we welcome a wonderful new TSC family. JAKES Club’s new dad Bryan is stepping right into side walking both their daughters Rose (2 years) and maybe even Eva (3 years) next fall. Bless you Susan (mom) for your prayers and watching from under the trees. Thursday Team is excited to serve our new family!


Well that’s it for now. Thank you all for your continued help and prayers. Remembering JAKES Club exists today only because of your prayers yesterday! 






Cathie and Team





























JAKES Club E-Newsletter May-June 2019




"Reaching children for Jesus one child with one horse at a time ..."

Kaleb (L) on Luke and Jacob (R) on Micah

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