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Wow, as I prepare to share some news I can’t help but feel 2018 is the … year of the horse! 


August/September horse training flew by and now Jesus And Kids Evangelistic Saddle Club (JAKES Club’s) Equine Department is making plans for continuing horse training this fall. We have created a new Volunteer Saddle Club (VSC) horse training program in conjunction with welcoming Therapeutic Saddle Club (TSC) riders back. Yay!  


First we want to thank all the volunteers for a very successful two months with Matthew. Thank you for your faithfulness, hard work and continuing into September. Your diligence paid off! Please let me share.


The last week of September Jacob was working Micah in the round pen. While waiting to ride Sarai haltered Matthew and trimmed his bridle path. Personally I know Matthew allowed her to work around his ears because many volunteers helped halter, groom and handle him. Thank you! Now we are going forward into the next 6-8 weeks (pending weather) training plan for Matthew in the round pen with Joe and Jacob. All other handlers will stop. I know this will sadden many VSC youth but the good news it is time for … Micah!


Based upon Micah's evaluation he is ready for VSC youth riders. Jacob's goals each week after TSC program (based upon weather and Micah) is to work him briefly, mount youth riders and lead them through TSC riding patterns. Also, incorporating adult and youth volunteers to lead Micah and help train him to side-walkers. Yay! JAKES Club is excited to share as October begins eleven volunteers have signed on to stay late. Tuesday-Friday volunteers will help make the new horse training program happen. Bless you!! 


So you see with two new horses and also new Fall VSC/TSC horse training it truly feels like this is the year for JAKES Club horses. But the Fall is also about bringing TSC riders back to the farm and help each child/youth to exceed their riding and horsemanship potential. We are excited to share that many TSC families are helping groom and saddle their horses to ride. The new grooming station (replacing stall number two) is WONDERFUL! Please take time to look at pictures on Flickr and FaceBook. It truly will bless your hearts.


That’s about it for now but please remember “TSC Award Rides” will be happening the whole week of October 23rd. Please come cheer the children’s ride, thank their horse Teams and help give our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ praise for a great 2018!




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JAKES Club E-Newsletter September - October 2018




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Yay Micah's Team!

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Jacob round penning Matthew
Joe training Matthew