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Daniel 1:4


 Internship Educational Program

Program Operations
May - October

Tuesday - Friday



Contact: Info@JAKESClub.org


If you are a College student and headed into the rewarding Equine-Service field, check out JAKES Club’s Internship program. Working together with your educator’s internship requirements, we can help you grow to achieve your dreams!

Helping you reach children and change lives ...
one child with one horse at a time.








Everybody say, "Yea, Mandy!"

JAKES Club's horse leader, Mandy, participating with 2009 Intern program from William Woods College.

Internship Expectations:

  • Internships are volunteer unpaid positions
  • Housing accommodations are the responsibility of the Intern.
  • Commitment of 15-40 hours a week, minimum of 8 weeks. The length of internship is based on intern's and JAKES Club's current program needs.
  • Schedule is to be arranged with Internship supervisor. Saturday availability required.
  • Internships can be completed for school credit and intern is responsible for record keeping.
  • Know and support JAKES Club's mission statement.
  • Adherence to Polices and Procedures outlined in JAKES Club Program Handbook.
  • Always represent JAKES Club in a positive, supportive, respectful and professional manner.

Internship Training Highlights:


JAKES Club offers specific training in relation to internship. In addition interns will receive:

  • Emergency training
  • New Volunteer training following Volunteer guidelines
  • Equine handling
  • Equine equipment

JAKES Club Provides:

  • Internship supervisor
  • Continual feedback to keep you on track
  • Assisting Evaluations per Intern school guidelines
  • Troxel Safety Equestrian SEI/ASTM Helmet

Interested contact "Internship Educational Program" 



  • Equine Science -- Love horses? Learn Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Level 1
  • Equine Management
  • Stable Operations
  • Riding and Education with CHA Certified Riding Instructor
  • Equine Training from the Ground-Up
  • Program Development
  • Therapeutic Recreational Riding & Equine-Assisted Activities
    (Not Hippo-therapy, explained on Program page)
  • Volunteer Coordinating -- Scheduling, New Volunteer Training and
    Assisting Director
Troxel Helmets

Relevant Areas of Interest:

"Reaching children for Jesus one child with one horse at a time ..."

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