Howdy JAKES Club –


Well, Merry Christmas!


It is truly that time of year to give thanks! Not only for celebrating our Savior Jesus Christ and family, but to reflect on 2021 accomplishments.


Jesus And Kids Evangelistic Saddle Club’s (JAKES Club) Founders, Board Members and Advisory Council wish to thank each of you for your faithfulness and unlimited support. Especially all of our VSC-Volunteer Saddle Club and TSC-Therapeutic Saddle Club’s patience with the, on and off again, private lesson scheduling due to Covid!


Looking back over the year there is such a great list of blessings but will share only a few. First and foremost all the VSC and TSC families! Both departments had so many accomplishments with their horse skills on the ground and in the saddle. Please take a moment to look at the pictures on Flickr. It will bring a smile to your day.


Second JAKES Club had not one, but two new QUALITY small hay bale providers! Joe Perry gets a big round of applause working with Chad West in the spring and fall. The young man has great teams who cut, rake and baled our upper pasture into large round bales. Then traded us for high quality small bales! His team even donated delivering and unloading 100 bales into our barn. Thank you Chad and many blessings for your business success.


Last but not least this fall the barn got a much needed face lift on a Saturday Volunteer Work Day. JAKES Club had not one but two great groups of men volunteers. One team worked on the whole east side of the barn tearing down three stalls of panels, stall mats, and bobcat work. Second team worked on reinforcing the entire east side of the upper pasture fence and large arena. Thanks Kaleb, you worked hard! The men had so much we scheduled a second Volunteer Work Day the following weekend. Thanks Jonathan for a great suggestion to allow the stalls to dry out for a week. On the second Saturday we welcomed a new volunteer, Jake, to help Jacob (that was a challenge) reinstall the east side stall mats. Thanks to everyone!


Looking ahead we sincerely need prayer for 2022 volunteers as the Lord is already bringing inquiries from TSC families. The word is out 2022 programs are going back to group scheduling. Fridays are already full! The Board and program departments have agreed to continue TSC Private Lessons on Wednesdays if there is a concern with Covid. This service will still be provided free of charge but ONLY to existing families not new families. The TSC Physician Release form will be required by all. You may contact office volunteers in the spring on Tuesdays. The Board has agreed to have office volunteers on Tuesdays in 2022 and equine children’s programs Wednesday-Friday. Leaving Saturdays open for Horse Shows and fundraising events.


That’s all for now and thanks again for a great year! A wonderful prayer for you, your family and JAKES Club to begin 2022 is found in:

Psalms 65:11 “You crown the year (2022) with your bounty,
and your carts overflow with abundance.”

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!




Cathie & JAKES Club’s Team





















































































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