"I would like to Help"

The beginning of the JAKES Club's administration department.

A dear friend shared "I would like to help by giving you a check, but Cathie I really think J.A.K.E.S. Club needs to get qualified so you might receive other gifts." Cathie's response came while she went into the kitchen to get her a pen, "Yes, you are right and we will be before the end of the year!" That response was the beginning of the ministry's Administration Department and the steps that would be taken by qualified volunteers the LORD provided.

The first volunteer was a wonderful woman who was a CPA. In August of 2000, she shared the directions over the phone about where and how to contact the State of Missouri to submit the "Articles of Incorporation" of a nonprofit corporation. Also the registration of J.A.K.E.S. Club dba, which would then be revised to JAKES Club in 2007. The next step in September of 2000 was to apply for the IRS 501 (c) (3) status. This application was more detailed, but through patience and prayer over each question the form was submitted and approved in October 2000.

This would be just the beginning of many answers to prayer for help and guidance: forming the Board of Directors, insuring the families with children with special needs would be represented and forming the Advisory Council that would would teach and guide JAKES Club.

Romans 8:28

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

"A Name for my Horse"

The beginning of Bible Scriptures leading the way for evangelism through horses.

Early one June morning in 2000, Cathie asked the Lord, "When I have my own horse, may I name him Jeddediah and call him Jed?" The Lord impressed upon her the name Genesis! "Oh! We can name the horses after the books of the Bible, so we may share the Bible with the children when they come!" was her response.

That afternoon, during an evaluation horse ride, they soon discovered … once a barrel horse, always a barrel horse and that this particular horse would not be suitable for beginning riders. At the end of the evaluation, Cathie recalled a verse in Philippians 3:12-14 that she was teaching in her Sunday school class. It was about “letting go of the old and making room for the new”; they ended in prayer making plans to return the horse and wait for the new.

Arriving back home late that same day, Cathie received an email from Kaleb’s mom, Kathy, regarding a registered Thoroughbred. She hesitated to call, but with Kathy’s insistence she did. At the end of the visit, Cathie asked, "By the way what is the name of your horse?" and the reply will live within JAKES Club’s history, Genesis!

This began the most wonderful relationship with a woman that was not only willing to share herself with the ministry, in many different capacities over the years, but also her beloved and well disciplined horse…Genesis. These were the steps defining how the ministry would wait upon the Lord for horses and name them for a chapter and verse from the Bible.

People often ask, "How did JAKES Club come about?" and we are always excited to share. These few testimonies are a small part of JAKES Club's beginning in 2000 and a testimony to our LORD Jesus' faithfulness, we hope you enjoy them.

More importantly, our desire is to encourage you to believe whatever the LORD places in your heart.  He is more than enough!

Enjoy ...

"For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not evil,

to give you an expected end."

Jeremiah 29:11

Genesis with Kaleb in the fall 2001

"Help me Lord"

The beginning of the Advisory Council with Jim Peddicord, DVM, and George Allen, professional Farrier and Trainer combining over 80 years of experience.

On a dark, cold evening in 2000, the Perry family gathered around in  the rented barn north of Oak Grove, Missouri awaiting Dr. Peddicord to see a very sick old horse. The Doctor examined the horse, but before completing his visit they asked him to evaluate everything in the barn from: stalls, feed, supplements, hay and tack. They sought his council so they might create a safe environment for the horses in their care.

Very early the next morning, the phone rang to the voice of George Allen, who JAKES Club would grow to love dearly. He said, "I do not know why, but I have been thinking of you all through the night and upon arising, I asked my wife Barb if we had a farrier appointment for that new organization that called awhile back?" The call reminded Cathie that she had phoned to see if this missionary to the Arizona Indians would be available to be J.A.K.E.S. Club's farrier. She eagerly accepted his expertise.

With the combined efforts of: Dr. Peddicord, George and Barb Allen, Cathie's husband Joe with his years of new home safe building standards experience, and Kaleb's family within the special needs community. These talented, dedicated and professional individual's began Jesus And Kids Evangelistic Saddle Club's Advisory Council.

Psalm 30:10

"Hear, O LORD, and have mercy upon me: LORD, be thou my helper."

Gensis in 2000 (Jacob front left & Kaleb front right)

"I can do it Aunt Cathie!"

Kaleb creates the TSC - Therapeutic Saddle Club (2022 Therapeutic Riding Club)

One afternoon in the winter of 2002, Kaleb and his mother Kathy arrived at the indoor stable and arena where Genesis, JAKES Club's horse, was boarding. Jacob and Cathie had arrived late that day and were not prepared; they did not even have the tack unpacked from the trunk of the car. Kaleb being the helper and hard worker that he is said, "I will help Aunt Cathie." So the foursome set out to prepare Genesis for his ride with the boys. Jacob or the adults always rode first to warm Genesis up to make sure the horse was being attentive and listening. This particular day Cathie rode first before Kaleb.

After Cathie dismounted, Kaleb's mom got his mounting block and Jacob held the horse for Kaleb to mount. He was having difficulty mounting and seemed not to understand the concept. So, as they did on many occasions during horsemanship and riding times, they stopped to pray. After doing so, the concept was clear, "Jacob would you please teach Kaleb how to mount and dismount?" As his mom held Genesis, Kaleb and Cathie stood back to watch. Jacob, being Kaleb's peer model, demonstrated the technique of : mounting from the mounting block,
walk-on his horse a few steps, whoa and dismount without the aide of the mounting block. Everybody say, "Yea!" was the cheer that soon became a JAKES Club trademark.

Cathie proceeded to ask Kaleb to go to the mounting block and prepare to mount by gathering his mane and reins. As she began to help put Kaleb's foot into the stirrup, he very firmly and with solid confidence said, "I can do it Aunt Cathie!"

This day ended with great joy and thanksgiving as they all saw the LORD's leading! No longer would they call it "Kaleb's Class" (horsemanship or riding), but they saw a new beginning for wonderful children to have their own Saddle Club. A Therapeutic Saddle Club who's motto would be, "Every rider is able with Jesus in the stable!"

Ephesians 3:20

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more then all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is a work within us, ..."

A "Bit" of History


"Reaching children for Jesus one child with one horse at a time ..."




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